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Hiya! Welcome. I hope you do enjoy one of the themes I have available at the moment. Please like a theme that you're using to support and influence me to make more themes!

My themes were made in Safari. They look fine in Firefox, Safari and Chrome. Most will not work in Internet Explorer and I have yet to obtain feedback about Opera. If a theme does not look right in your browser please let me know.




My name is Jamie and this blog was created out of eager to increase my coding skills. As a twenty year old living in Western New York, I find creating themes a free for use project to do in my spare time. My only wish is for people to enjoy my creations and enjoy the journey with me in learning new skills in the field each day.


Please refrain from using fanmail.

Livid Brown Theme. 

This theme is retired and no assistance will be provided for it.

It will be deleted in time.

static preview | code

  • four columns only with hover notes and option to remove reblog button.
  • infinite scrolling is optional. pagination provided if not chosen.
  • option to upload a topbar(stretch is optional), background( stretch is optional), post background, and topbar background(stretch is optional) image. (topbar image preset is from here)
  • option to change body, link, notes and description font type.
  • option to have a fancy title font and to show captions.
  • option to change body, link, permalinks and description font size.
  • option to justify description text or leave left-aligned.
  • option to make links uppercase or leave lowercase.
  • option to change all colors.
  • option to remove your top image and the description or just the description background.
  • animated links with option of up to five extra links.

This is another four column for that anon. The header, if you un-check ShowDescription. The size will stretch to 500 x 130 px. So I suggest cropping an image to that size for a banner. If you have a description and want to show it, then the image size is 200 x 130 px. You can also uncheck “StretchYourImage” and instead it will revert to it’s normal size, however, the extra parts of the image will be hidden.

like or reblog if you use please!

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